Cezar Mocan
Software engineer with a passion for everything visual.
In a former life, I used to do competitive programming.
Currently building digital learning experiences with Gakko.
Instagram/ Github/ Email/ Resume

An Algorithm That Gives You 4 Friends web, 2018
Cities and the Sky 3 augmented reality, 2018
Moji Moji: Learn the Alphabet mobile, 2017—2018
Poster Jam poster series, 2017, ongoing
Gakko Camp Gallery, web, 2016—2017
Water poster series, 2016
Rethinking the Online Exhibit web, 2016
Koffee/ Storno poster, 2016
Syria Conflict Tracking mobile, 2015—2016
Self and Other web, 2016
Self Portrait web, 2016 [coming soon]
Terra Form unity, 2016 [coming soon]
Towards a new Digital Currency book design, 2016 [coming soon]
Lost in the Meritocracy book design, 2015  [coming soon]
Uranium poster, 2015 [coming soon]
Push to Open zine, 2015 [coming soon]
Yale Photographic Postcards Identity identity, 2015  [coming soon]
A Clockwork Orange book design, 2015 [coming soon]