Office Olympics


3D animation

Office Olympics is conceived as a television game show for the 21st century aspiring entrepreneur. The show, hosted by an Amazon Echo smart assistant, follows the encounters of three successful employees with their companies’ core values, through a series of physical challenges. Held at everyone’s favorite co-working space, Office Olympics pictures a reality where Silicon Valley’s commitment to “making the world a better place” becomes a matter of life, death and entertainment.

Created during the Covid-19 quarantine, at a point in time when slowing down was forced upon society, Office Olympics questions the hustle culture so prevalent in the contemporary work environment. Technological accelerationism is a constant, impossible to stop even by a global pandemic, and is tightly coupled with the office culture behind its production – one which glamorizes labor and turns motivational posters into neon signs, while defining itself as equal parts lifestyle brand and internet service provider.

Developed using Unreal Engine.