Cezar Mocan







Terra Form (2016)

Terra Form is an experiment in procedural character generation, built in collaboration with Spencer Villars.

It is framed as a planetary simulator able to create and display terrain, trees and creatures from scratch, under the design constraint of not using any pre-existing assets.

Developed in partial fulfillment of the Yale Computer Science degree under the supervision of Holly Rushmeier. Built using Unity.

Still from final TerraForm world. Terrain, creatures and movement are fully procedurally generated.

Generating a mesh from a sphere based skeleton.

Generating an arm mesh using the mesh generation algorithm.

Mesh deformations 1.

Mesh deformations 2.

Structural mesh mutations, using a genetic algorithm.

Generated creature 1.

Generated creature 2.

Generated movement for creature 1.

Placing moving creatures on arbitrary terrain—body rotation based on gravity and terrain, such that all limbs have contact with the ground.