Delicate Chaos


on-chain generative system

Delicate Chaos is a long-form generative work, consisting of 168 abstract compositions made for the pen plotter and released as NFTs on the Plottables platform. The project was released on Wednesday, March 30th at 3pm EST, and can be accessed here. In bringing together grids and noise, organic lines intersecting geometric shapes, as well as rigid structures holding fluid content, Delicate Chaos seeks the subtle beauty emerging from randomness, chance and chaos, while acting as a meditation on control and its impossibilities.

View on Plottables, OpenSea or read more about the process.

Romanian Design Week, (2023, Bucharest)
NYU ITP Residents Show (2022, New York), curated by Simone Salvo and Lizzy Chiappini
Scripting at the Blanc Gallery (2022, New York), curated by Elvin Ou and Morgan Mueller